Lighting By Room

Kitchen: An oyster light is often used in the kitchen because of its efficiency, brightness and reduction of shadow areas. Downlights are also used over work areas and provide a more focused light in areas for preparation and washing up.

Family Room and Dining Room:
Consider the type of atmosphere you would like to create and the placement of lights for various activities. In the dining room, there should be light over the table, but you may want to consider varying the light intensity through a dimming switch. In the family room there should be a bright light over activity areas, but switching should make it possible for reducing lighting while the television is on. Table and floor lamps are a great option for when you want a more gentle lighting setting.

A central light will provide general lighting while purpose lighting will give light for reading in bed or for studying in children’s’ rooms. You may also consider a fan with a light.

Lighting in these rooms can often incorporate heat lamps and an exhaust fan.  This idea helps to reduce condensation and mould while also providing quick warmth in winter. Lighting above the mirror can also provide extra light for shaving and applying makeup.

Toilets: Downlights or simple oyster fittings would be suitable.

The laundry is often overlooked even though we spend a considerable amount of time in this room. Oyster light fittings are ideal for the laundry as they are effective, energy efficient, and subtle.

Wall lights outside should be symmetrically placed and also they should be spaced out evenly along the front of the house.  Spotlights should be placed around the house to light up areas for entertainment or security. Sensor lights provide additional security and are very useful when coming home at night and you need to find your way.

Low voltage garden lights placed in the garden create a beautiful ambience and can be used to highlight fountains, trees and pathways. Careful consideration should be placed on the number of lights, position, cabling and placement of weatherproof transformers.

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