At The Lighting Centre, our consultants give expert advice using knowledge gained over 45 years of experience. We have great insight into the latest trends of the lighting industry and energy efficient lighting solutions. We regularly present at major lighting expos, fairs and seminars both internationally and throughout Australia. We believe that lighting is a crucial, and yet often overlooked, element of interior design. Our trademark is creating sustainable lighting layouts based on both decorative and practical ideas.

We consistently receive business accolades and prestigious awards, and we believe this recognition is the natural result of our hard work and strong commitment to superior customer service.

We cater for electricians, builders, property owners, architects and many other professionals, offering free expert advice. No matter your room, building or style, we will be able to provide the best lighting and service to suit your needs. Our friendly, well-trained staff are always happy to help.


Feedback from one of our many happy customers: